At this stage Alex was introduced to Jonas Bard and Carl-Johan Nordin at Böfüms. They were given a copy of the text themselves and a general idea about the project and began to work on a proposal.

A model and all necessary components of the project, such as posters, a printed edition, a website and a video trailer, were processed. A seed case was also an idea early-formed as a marketing tool and give away. Within a test tube three nigella seeds were to be placed along with a small note with a link to the projects webpage.

Text design was created from the basic idea of the trails in Scavengers consciousness. A font was commissioned to create the feeling of retro technology with a futuristic sense that also linked up well with the format of the matrix-paper. Another dimension was generated when Böfüms proposed to introduce latex, an important detail in the story, as a covering film on the case. A modest, yet important, part of the story rendered into the physical appearance of the book.

The webpage was established as a home for the project and the graphic design from the printed edition was recreated in the site. From here a free edition of the text, and the possibility to order the book in printed form are accessible. Illustrations are visible, along with a video trailer. Contact information and notes about the project, and its collaborators, are all available.

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